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HEXBUG JUNKBOTS - Dumpster Asmt 2 x Junkbot plus 1 power unit

Product code: 806842 Brand: Hexbug EAN: 807648068429
€ 19.90
Price for Ks € 1.99 (Inc. VAT 21 %)
In stock 11 pcs
Open up any JUNKBOTS Trash Bin, dump the junk, and start building! Inside every Trash Bin is enough simulated junk for one unique character and each one is a surprise! Details
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Detailed Description

A pair of special bots are hiding inside each JUNKBOTS Alley Dumpster! Attach and reattach, add light and motion modules, and see how many different bots you can discover! JUNKBOTS Factory Collection has landed! Break the chain, dump the junk, search for clues, and unleash your imagination by mixing and matching pieces to build characters. The universal socket system stimulates creativity and endless possibilities as you connect, dismantle, and reattach the modular junk pieces. Each Alley dumpster includes simulated junk for 2 unique characters and an energy module to light them up. The more you collect from other bins and dumpsters, the more you can create! Dumpster dive with Factory Collection for 16 new unique characters and 8 re-envisioned Alley Collection heroes for a total of 60 collectible robots. Batteries 2xAG13 included.

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