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HEXBUG VEX Catapult V2

Product code: 806532 Brand: Hexbug EAN: 807648065329
€ 21.99
Not in stock
This construction kit features more than 160 pieces that are great for budding engineers. Build, test, and launch projectiles over 6 meters. Turn the dial to load the catapult and pull the launching lever to fire away! Details
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Detailed Description

The VEX Robotics Catapult kit will teach you how to make a fully functional catapult. Experience the amazing wonders of physics first hand as launching projectiles with a machine that combines imagination and technology. Catapults are used to fire projectiles at long distances. Historically, catapults have been used to throw heavy objects such as stones, spears or other projectiles at enemies. Catapults do not use any type of explosive device. Instead, the catapults fire the projectile using the stored energy. The VEX Robotics Catapult has an adjustable range control arm and uses elastic potential energy from the stretched rubber band to eject. Thanks to this, this catapult has a range of more than 6 meters. Whether your goal is accuracy or distance, the VEX Robotics Catapult can handle it all! The package contains: more than 160 construction plastic pieces, 3 balls and detailed pictorial instructions for assembly. VEX Robotics Catapult You can assemble the catapult in two different designs. This kit is the gateway to the world of STEM products (English abbreviation for: science, technology, technology, mathematics) and aims to introduce children through the game to the world of technology and natural laws.

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